ActronAir BMS Integration for Control4

August 2020


ActronAir BMS Integration

Driver allows direct integration with ActronAir air conditioning system by using BMS interface (ICAMIB-MOD).

  • Multiple Thermostats interconnected via BMS modules

  • Includes experience buttons for additional zone control

  • Features all the new thermostatV2 features available with OS 2.7 or later, including Presets and Schedule.

RTI _BAF_shopimage.png

Haiku Big Ass Fans Interface for RTI

December 2020


Haiku Big Ass Fans Interface

This RTI driver provides a complex interface for controlling Haiku Big Ass Fans and Lights. Using this driver with your RTI automation system will bring complete 2-way control of your beloved fans via any RTI interface whether it is touchscreen, remote or mobile app you will be able to adjust fan and lights from single interface.


  • 2-way control/feedback

  • All Speeds Control

  • Auto Mode Control

  • Whoosh Control

  • Direction Control

  • Smart Mode Control

  • Events for various fan states (speed changed, turns on, etc ...)


  • 2-way control/feedback

  • Light Level Control

  • Auto Mode Control

WeatherFlow Tempest for Control4

March 2021


WeatherFlow Tempest for Control4

WeatherFlow Inc. is a leader in the private sector weather industry, with over three decades of experience in applying the latest in observational, modeling, and forecasting technology to its clients’ most challenging problems.

HopSoft WeatherFlow Tempest driver makes all local data from a network of tempest stations available in Control4 in real-time.

Current version of the driver implements “only” local data received from Tempest station directly over LAN, next driver update will implement data such as forecast from WeatherFlow cloud.


  • If it is raining close skylight windows

  • If UV index is high close curtains or blinds to protect furniture or flooring

  • If it is hailing close skylight shutters

  • If it is windy close outdoor awnings

  • If it is rainy day do not turn on irrigation today

  • If it is hot and rainy day turn on AC