Crestron Websocket Interface for RTI

October 2020

Crestron Websockets

Crestron Websocket Interface

This RTI driver provides two way interface between RTI and Crestron Automation System via Crestron websocket driver.


  • 25 Thermostat/Climate sources which support auto programming feature (APEX)

  • Control and Feedback for 500 Digital Signals

  • Control and Feedback for 100 Analog Signals

  • Control and Feedback for 100 String Signals

  • Heartbeat to monitor websocket connection

IMPORTANT: This driver requires “CCI Websocket Server by Control Concepts” to be installed and configured on Crestron System. More information about this module can be found in Crestron Application Market

UniFi Controller

UniFi Controller Interface for RTI

December 2020

UniFi Controller Interface

This RTI driver provides a complex interface to UniFi Network controller. Driver does not use any “polling” strategy and silently listens to events broadcasted by network controller. Cloud version of controller is also supported and driver uses SSL to encrypt communication.



  • Event for wireless client connected

  • Event for wireless client disconnected

  • Restart any device from UI

  • Restart any device from APEX programming


  • Override any port PoE settings (auto, off, 24Vstatic, etc ..)

  • PoE power cycle

  • Event for switch Connected

  • Event for switch Disconnected

  • Event for switch Provisioning

  • Event for switch Missing Heartbeat

  • Event for switch Adopting

Access Point

  • Event for access point Connected

  • Event for access point Disconnected

  • Event for access point Provisioning

  • Event for access point Missing Heartbeat

  • Event for access point Adopting